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Kawaii-cutie's Membership card is officially out. Please kindly scroll down for our sprees.

We are bringing in 2 different cards to honour our sweets for supporting Kawaii-cutie.


The first card would be Kawaii-cutie's PRINCESS CARD, the points will automatically be accumulated starting from the very next purchase. This card is for all sweets who have purchased a one-time purchase of $190 or have an accumulated amount of $250 and above within 9 months.


This is how PRINCESS CARD will look like, with our PRINCESSES' individual names printed on it:

Heard of Victoria's Secret Angels? Kawaii-cutie will be bringing in their very own KAWAII-CUTIE'S ANGELS CARD.

This card is a highly prestigous card, sweets who are in our ANGELS CARD will be enjoying loads of perks and a free welcome gift exlusively from KAWAII-CUTIE as well. The points will start accumulating starting from the next purchase! [:

This card is for all sweets who have made a one-time purchase of $300 for any of our sprees or have accumulated a total of $500 within 9 months


And this is how the card looks like with our individual angels' name printed on it:


The card will be sent to you as soon as it is ready to our respective sweets.

Each member will be given a card no. and have their names printed on their cards as well. [:

What are you waiting for?

Start joining our membership programme! [:


Welcome to Kawaii-Cutie! [:
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We have been operating our business since May 2007.
Please do not join in any of our sprees if you do not have the patience to wait for the items to arrive.
Strictly No Deadbuyers and No Backing up of orders after confirmation.
Please kindly made your payment before submitting your order form.
Refund will be made if the items went OOS.
Feel free to email me for any enquiries.
I will need all of your support!
With that, have a nice day!

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For credibility purpose, i will be posting up my personal blog address.

My Personal Blog

I have also organized a number of successful sprees and collections in the past.

So fret not, i will not go Missing In Action or con your money as i always believe in running business in a long-term prospect.


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