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Latest Update: ALL SOLD OUT! I have managed to restock

a few pieces more if you are keen, email to

Calling out all those Japanese-styled lovers! This is

the product that you wouldn't want to miss it!

Experience difficulty in bunning your hair?

Find it a hassle or waste of time to create a nice japanese bun?

Always envy how japanese girls are able to style their hair up nicely?

Well, now we have a solution to your problem!

Introducing to you sweets the hottest japanese sponge hair bun!

It will help you bun your hair in less than a minute!

Fret not, your hair wil not be messy at the end of the day as this japanese bun sponge will help you keep your hair in place throughout the day. [:

Suitable for all hair length!

Here is Video demonstration of how to use the japanese bun sponge:

I've imported 30 pcs from overseas and once it is sold out, i will no longer be importing it.

So grab yours now before it's gone! [:

1 piece for $9.90 each (exclusive of postage)

6 pieces and above for $8.90 each

Far east and elsewhere are selling it at $12.90 each or more!

Mad affordable! Hurry now and get yours! While stock lasts!

Here is how it looks like of the front packaging:

It will consist of a step-by-step hair guide behind:

It's really easy to bun up your hair with this japanese hair sponge bun! [:

Here is another illustration to guide you on how to wear it:

TIPS: For layered hair, first step tie your hair to a ponytail before inserting the japanese hair sponge bun! The higher you tie your ponytail, the higher the bun will be.

If you are still confuse as to how to tie the hair bun, we will be glad to teach you on a one-to-one basis just by topping up $2 more! [:

Here is how it looks when wore in real life, you can top it up with a hair scrunchie or a nice ribbon rubberband to make it more kawaii-looking:




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